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My figures riding on the OR&L line. Private Eye figure is standing on the back deck taking in the view. The coach is rolling along on my own scratch built polyuerathane trucks.

This water tower is by Jack Thompson. He also painted the seated Marcus figure. The figure was heated up before painting and the feet were slightly bent to give the figure the appearance that the feet are dangling. Good Job Jack and really sweet water tower.

I took a shot of my 7/8ths Cy Crumley figure waving at the camera as he greets the passengers on Kauila.

Pippin is posing in my 7/8ths scale version of Kauila number 6 engine on the OR&L. I have the engine sitting on my work bench.

This is one of my figures that didn`t make the production order requirements. It is King David Kalakaua circa (1880). The sculpt was inspired by a royal photo of the King wearing his official uniform and a pair of tooled western ridding boots. Kalakaua was very much a supporter of America, too bad America wasn`t a supporter of Kalakaua.

Harry and Sherman crewing Kevin Strongs number 12 engine on the EBT.

The Guiness Driver piloting the small Henners small Guiness engine.

More Photos >> 1 > 2 > 3 > 4 > 5
These 1:20.32 Scale People are ideal for your Garden RailRoad or Dollhouse. I have other g scale people and accessories available in my catalogue I hope you have time to view them and your input is very much welcome.

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