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Some quick info:
  • All figures are shipped no more than 5 business days (mon-fri) after your order is placed.
  • I no longer keep a lot of figures in stock so I will need time to cast them.
  • Your order maybe shipped sooner than 5 business days, but my guaranteed shipping is 5 business days days except on PREORDER items.
  • These Figures are small and should be kept away from children.

  • Q:) How do I clean the prints??

  • A:> Most of my models are only available in Frosted Ultra Detail material because this is the best material for detail. However the model will always be delivered with a very waxy residue all over it and in the hollow cavities. Clean this with a bath in warm water (do not exceed 150 F) followed by a long bath in denatured alcohol (no less than 20 minutes). After the alcohol bath the model will dry and some areas will show a frosted covering. This frost needs to be gently rubbed away with something blunt, smooth and unabrasive. I use the blunt end of a tooth pick.

  • Q:) Why no castings anymore??

  • A:> I`m a one man operation. I love to sculpt and build models. I even like making molds and casting to a certain degree. But I have limited space and time and it was getting to the point where life was just making molds and castings and storing all those molds (200) was getting very difficult. I ran out of space.

  • Q:) Why don`t you ship to the U.K.??

  • A:> Actually I do not ship internationally any more. The reason for this is the cost of shipping and the inconvenience of mailing an International parcel.

  • Q:) When will I recieve my Pre-order figure??

  • A:> If you ordered a pre-order figure, there is an estimated time of shipping at the top of the pre-order page to your right of the banner. This day is usually + or - 1 or 2 days depending on when you ordered. All orders go out in the order that they came. In some cases, I may have problems meeting the quota and that effects my ability to purchase the necessary supplies I need to cast. In these cases, I put up an alert on the pre-order page and also on Mylargescale, LargescaleCentral and the SE lounge. I am a one man operation, and don`t maintain distribution lists, and spend my precious time sculpting, making molds, casting, packaging and shipping product. Hopefully if you are asking this question, you have already visited the Pre-order page to see if the status has changed.

  • Q:) What is the best adhesive to use on your figures??

  • A:> I use a 2 part 5 minute epoxy. Here are the steps I follow.
    1. thoroughly clean the parts (Simple Green works best)
    2. scuff the joints a little with rough sand paper or a file.
    3. Mix the epoxy and let it stand till you can pull a long thread from it of epoxy without it breaking.
    4. apply the epoxy to both joints and let set for a minute or two depending on the temperature (longer if the temps are below 64 degrees)(shorter if over 70) The point is to let the epoxy start to set and then join the parts and align them.

  • Q:) Where are your custom painted figures??

  • A:> Check out my Exclusives Catalog. I offer figures of various sizes that are custom painted. I will consider special orders on any figure I have in stock, but my time is limited so use the contact page to check on pricing and scheduling.

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