Other Projects

I have other interests and projects besides miniture sculptures of figures related to model railroading. Below are some links.
Hotel Amir Kabir A novel I wrote about my sojourn in Tehran Iran in the winter of 1975 where I lived and almost perished at the Amir Kabir Hotel in the worse part of town.

The Short History of the Planet Surd Two short fables I wrote from the String Universe Treatise.

Lanakila Kit Bash Bachmann 1:20.3 Scale 4-4-0 modifications were made to represent the prototype 4-4-0 number 3 and later 45 called Lanakila. This is a journal of the changes and some of the techniques and resources I used. There about 12 pages in all.

Face Carving Tutorial This page will walk you though a face carving tutorial. It was written for those interested in improving or learning the craft of carving a face in wood, but describes how this can also be done in clay.

Paintings and Woodwork This some images of my artwork and fine furniture. I still paint frequently and try my hand at some furniture design. My furniture design is drawn from images of my Hawai'i ana.

Bash/scratch OR&L coach Time to add some passengar cars to my project. I bought a kit on Ebay that sounded close to what I need for an OR&L car and then the bash began. Watch my progress on myLargescale.com.

Scratch Building Coach 64 Coach 64 was B.F. Dillinghams private car. It was restored in the 70s and proudly stands in the Oahu Railway Exhibit in Waipahu. I will try to faithfully model it as it appeared around the turn of the 20th century. You can follow my progress on the modeling forum at MLS.

Modifying an Accucraft Ruby to look like OR&L #6 Kauila. This is a challenging project I am currently working in Live Steam. It is an fun experience to model a prototype and an even greater one to run the model with prototypical power which in this case is steam.

Other Pages of Interest